Obscure Diversity was composed out of my long-time passion for non-western percussion instruments. I wanted to write something that combined drums from various parts of the world, but also have melodic content. Having performed Randy Gloss’s More like Chutney in my undergraduate studies, I knew immediately that I wanted my melody to come from the jal tarang, an ancient instrument of the Indian subcontinent made from ceramic or metal bowls tuned with water.

The groove behind the melody is set-up using djembes from West Africa, a riq from the Arabic speaking world, a tar from the middle east and North Africa, and a combination of percussion instruments commonly used in western music; bass drum, cymbal, gong, shaker, and triangle.

Once the composition was completed, I remember thinking it was obscure to have such a diverse instrumentation….hence the name Obscure Diversity.

Obscure Diversity

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